We are a large and growing number of Trump political appointees who believe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should be the next Republican nominee and President of the United States. Serving in the White House and across the federal government, we worked tirelessly to implement a meaningful policy agenda, to do battle with Deep State bureaucrats, and to make sure the public knew the truth—irrespective of constant media distortions.

On the Republican side, we face a two-candidate race: Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis.

Our conservative convictions, experience in federal service, and love of country lead us today to one, sure conclusion—Ron DeSantis is the man for this moment.

We are organized around four, key motivations:

1. Governor DeSantis can give us 8 years in the White House. The republic faces grave threats, and it will require two terms of energetic, conservative executive leadership to begin righting the ship. On virtually every front, there is much to do. But to end the “policy pendulum” mode of governing and ensure lasting change, we must elect a President who can serve for eight consecutive years. The work simply can’t be done by a President who becomes a lame duck on his first day in office. Troublingly, in modern history, only once has the party of a one-term President retained the White House after his departure.

2. Governor DeSantis knows how to win. The Governor’s record is nothing short of remarkable. On every front, Florida has registered trailblazing conservative wins. Politically, he’s transformed Florida from a purple battleground to a ruby red conservative stronghold. His leadership proves that bold, aggressive conservatism can win. When it comes to both policy and politics, Governor DeSantis picks the right fights, but he also knows how to win them.

3. Governor DeSantis knows what winning means. The Left continues to mount an unrelenting assault on our traditions, values, beliefs, and common sense. But in Florida, the Left is retreating. Governor DeSantis just championed the most significant conservative legislative reform package in history. And that follows on the heels of an already historic governorship. In a culture that disagrees on the fundamentals, we want someone who knows what is right and is willing to fight for it.

4. Governor DeSantis is the candidate the other side fears most. Every major power center of the Left wants Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. The reason is obvious: they believe they can beat him. Recent head-to-head polling against Biden combined with the Governor’s 20-point win in November suggest that they are correct. But Governor DeSantis poses a much more menacing threat to the Left’s plans. His discipline, clarity of purpose, and success terrify the other side … and President Trump too, for that matter.

If you’re one of the many conservative, hardworking appointees that served in the last Republican Administration, and if you believe—like we do—that Governor Ron DeSantis is the future, then we encourage you to join us!